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Patients Reviews

"I am down 19 pounds in less than 3 months! Dr. Martell has been amazing to work with and has really helped me with training my brain to tell me I'm full and don't need to continuously snack. I don't find myself fixated on getting a sweet or snack and I definitely can see a difference in my attitude towards food. My husband has noticed that my food intake and general attitude has changed overall in a positive way! I cannot recommend LuxHealth enough to anyone who is feeling stuck like I was. I honestly have never felt this good in my life and cannot wait to see what my next 3 months brings!!"

Pam L.
"22LBS down in 3 months! One of the best “side effects” has been in my brain, where I am not focused on the next meal or the next snack. My love of sugar has greatly diminished which feels like a huge weight off me. I’d say my symptoms included slight headache w/ consuming too much sugar, nauseous feeling w/ too high fat content."

Jessica Wilder